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Butterflies, Birds, and Bugs

Butterfly Girl Ornament

Our beautiful German scrap butterfly girl measures four ½ inches tall. She is composed of wire, scrape, and crepe paper. Very unusual.

Price: SOLD

Tin Butterfly on a Wooden Mount

This 20th century tin & wire butterfly measures five inches long and sits six inches high from the bottom of the wooden base to the top of the curled tail.
Price: $295

Fabric bird This starched fabric bird has a wingspan of four ½ inches. It has a wire on the underside for hooking onto a tree branch.
Price: $48

Cotton Duck Cute cotton duck measures one ½ inches and has wire feet.
Price: $30

Butterfly on a Heart

An incredibly special heart decorated with a butterfly on the front and a flower on the reverse side. It is in silver and gold and measures three inches high.

Price: SOLD

Spun Glass Winged Butterfly

This amazing German butterfly has spun glass decorated wings and the body is blown green glass with an annealed antenna. It measures five inches from wing to wing.
Price: SOLD

Rare spun cotton Hummingbird Our colorful hummingbird measures three inches from tail to its beak. Blue decorated wings are very unusual. The beak is red as are the feet. He rest on a branch.
Price: SOLD

Gold Butterfly Ornament

This lovely and unusual glass ornament is German and is embossed with a gold butterfly decorated with red and blue. The ball is a berry bump design and is silver with blue highlights. It measures 2 and a half inches.

Price: SOLD

Fabric Butterfly

Our pink fabric butterfly is decorated with mica flakes. He has a wooden body and wire antenna. He rest on a tree branch and measures two ½ inches long.
Price: $48

Chenille & Fabric Bird This fabric & chenille bird is colored in cranberry and cream It measures two ½ inches and has a wire on the underside to attach to a branch.
Price: $85

 Fabulous Red Butterfly This wonderful butterfly has red, white, and grey decorated wings on a painted composition body. It has a three inch wingspan.
Price: SOLD


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